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Welcome to my test php site! I'm learning html and php at the same time and this site is the realtime result of that

Yay! I got my set up again! quick fixes: rss feed now includes absolute URLs for images to appear AND going forward those images should load regardless of the extension being CAPS or not.
Also hopefully that random linebreak is gone too.
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The more time I spend troubleshooting mediawiki, the more time I feel I should just make my own php barebones replacement.
It's not like I want other people to edit my wiki anyway.
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It's sad that over a year has passed before realizing you were shut down.
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I’ve never been excited over a pair of shoes before
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My old thermostat did not have a c-wire, which is needed to power smart thermostats. Some, like this ecobee, come with an extension kit for such a situation. I was unsucessful in following those directions... I couldn't find half of the listed terminals in my furnace.
I had just about given up until I realized I had a spare wire in my wall that was unused, (the orange one!). I pulled it out and used the extension kit just to connect and power it. Viola! C-wire!
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my tiny phone takes surprisingly vibrant photos
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My 'likes' are probably 99% bot likes. How do I stop bots from liking my posts?
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This looks a lot better in person. I had no idea I was within walking distance from this statue.
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In the middle of no where.
Cuba 2019
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Evoland// a short story of adventure video games evolution
I bought this game when it first came out on iPhone because I wanted to support the developer. Now I bought it again, but for the Switch Lite. I intend to play it through this time—on the best-suited console for a game like this 😌
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